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Aug 8, 2019
Server name: Default Rust Solo/Duo/Trio 2x | Open | Custom | Hotzones
Server IP:

Map size: Custom
Map seed: Custom

Wipe schedule: Bi-weekly map wipes, monthly (forced) BP wipes. Map wipes will always happen on Thursday, with times ranged between 1:00 AM CST - 5:00 PM CST

Plugin and other information:

/toolbox - Allows you to craft a storage container. (One time craft price, remains in your inventory for wipe.) Currently costs 10 HQM and 400 frags.

Hotzones (WIP) - Allows a random spawn around that map that increase the gather rates of ores in a certain area temporarily.

Custom loot (WIP) - First variant of custom loot has taken place. Further customization is to follow.

OilCrate (WIP) - Adds back pumpjacks. When you use a survey charge, you have a chance to find a oil output.

Furnace sorter - Automatically sorts all your ores evenly into the furnace, as well as automatically placing fuel inside if the setting is enabled.

Faster smelting - Smelting is same speed, 2x gather amount for frags. Note: Sulfur and HQM amounts unchanged for balance.

Clans - The better version, 3 players max, auto shares all TC's, turrets, and doors.

Place doors with locks auto placed and locked - No need to manually place a codelock and lock it. Locks are now placed automatically when a door is placed. Also is shared with all clanmates.

Heli calling to yourself (WIP) - Want to take heli, but you don't want to wait 4 hours for it to spawn? Simply call it to your location and fight it. (To be more balanced out.)

Increased stacks - Most stacks have been increased. You are able to stack certain items that are otherwise impossible to stack.
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